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Empire GoodGame

Empire GoodGame is a medieval strategy game in which you get to construct your own Kingdom. The main goal of the game is to establish alliances with other online players, and in so doing, protect the resources you manage to secure as well as conquering the other Kingdoms surrounding you to expand your own Empire and become the most powerful King in the game that you are involved in. Your most important assets in the game, at least up to level seventy, are soldiers, rubies, alliances with other players and coins. There are roughly one hundred levels to date, but the creators of the game are constantly improving and adding to it. As far as gameplay is concerned, Empire GoodGame offers a unique system for forging alliances, and has an easy to use pact system. There is also a handy chat function. You have over sixty different building typesEmpireGoodGame (1)to utilise in your game, as you expand your Kingdom. There are several ways to be good at strategy games, and here are a few guides to play Empire GoodGame : 1. Attack only computer entities until protection mode fades, not real players, this gives you time to get stronger ; 2. Save your Rubies early in the game, the most important purchase to make will be a bakery, food is your most important resource ; 3. Don’t rush through the levels; rather let your castles develop to their full potential strength ; 4. Always attack something – The best defence is a good offence ; 5. If there is an outpost in ruins, go and attack it for resources, it may just save you. With these basic guidelines in place you are ready to go forth and plunder! Happy building, and enjoy the process. Empire GoodGame is one of the most entertaining strategy games to date!

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